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Sun Tea: How to Make Tea Using the Sun

Making Sun TeaOkay, so some of you think this is the simplest and easiest thing ever, and you’re wondering why I’m writing about it, others of you are thinking.. “What tea?”

Sun Tea. It’s easy. It’s a very frugal way to not heat up the house with a burner from the stove, and save the energy you would use heating that stove, and the A/C it would take to cool it back off.

And it’s just fun for the kids, a lot of the time!

What You’ll Need:

A Jar (I used a clean pickle jar)

Your favorite tea (in bags or if you want to use loose tea, you’ll need a tea ball/infuser)

Fill the jar with water and throw in your tea bags (or the infuser with your loose tea). Now find a sunny spot outside. Leave the jar in the sun for a while, until you like the strength. It will take a while, depending on how warm it is outside. Now, in Oklahoma, it can get pretty hot, so a few hours will do. But if you live in a place where it’s not as warm, you might be looking at 4 hours or more. This is not a speedy thing.

Sun Tea

Once you like the strength, pull the jar inside and finish it with your sugar (because around here, that’s how we drink it). If you don’t like sweet tea (what is WRONG with you?) than you’re all done!

Kids think this is pretty cool, so its a great thing for them to help you with. 🙂

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How to Keep From Watering Down Your Tea!

How to Keep From Watering Down Your Iced Tea

How to Keep From Watering Down Your Iced Tea

Okay, I’m from Oklahoma. We like our sweet tea. I am no exception. I love sweet tea. I love ICED sweet tea, specifically. Now, my entire life I have been led to believe that I have to drink my sweet iced tea getting watered down every minute, by that succulent, sweet ice that keeps it cool for me. I say “been led to believe” because I found out recently, that’s just not true!

What? What am I talking about? How can you drink iced tea without watering it down in the process? Oh, and I am not talking about those plastic ice cubes, either. I am not talking about those mugs with the water inside of them that you put in the freezer and I am not talking about those “Whiskey Stones”.

What I’m talking about – are you ready for this? – is ice cubes made out of TEA.

WHAT? You say. What can this crazy lady be saying to me? Make ice cubes from tea? It’s crazy! It’s insane! It’s maddening! It’s.. Genius.

Yes, friends. The secret to keep from watering down your sweet iced tea is to make your ice cubes from the tea itself. It’s easy and it works. I love doing it. now and you will, too.

What You’ll Need:

  • Ice Cube Trays
  • Brewed Tea (sweetened and everything, if that’s how you drink it)
Pour your tea into ice cube trays

Pour some tea into ice cube trays

Pour the tea into the trays and place in your freezer. Allow them to freeze completely. When you are ready to drink some of that wonderful tea, pop some cubes out of the tray, put them in your glass, and pour that delicious stuff! Now, instead of watering down your tea, you get ice cold tea, minus the extra water!

If you don’t believe me, I dare you to try it! It will change your life. 😉