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Survival: Everything You Should Know, Just in Case!

survivalSo, I am not a “Prepper”, necessarily. My family does not own a tract of land in the middle of nowhere with a bunker stocked with an endless supply of food or ammo and guns. However, part of my blog is to get back to the basics, which is what survival essentially teaches you, too. I like to know a lot of these things simply because I want to know how to do it for myself, just in case I ever need to, or heck, want to! Sometimes, it’s just cheaper!

Here’s a short list of various things I have pinned, and learned!

So, if you want to learn all the things I am learning, you should follow my Survival board on Pinterest! I think of things I might need to know in case of something like Hurricane Katrina happens, and trade goods are how you get items you need. What if there are no emergency services? What if you had to deliver a baby yourself? I now know how. Just in case.

So follow my Survival board and learn things with me! Or heck, if you have skills or ideas for skills that could be helpful, leave me some comments! I’d love to hear them!

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