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How to Make a Paracord Dog Collar (Double King Cobra Knot)

How to Make a Paracord Dog Collar

In my house, my husband, 13 year old son, 9 month old son, and I practice survival skills. For fun. Yes. We do this. No, we are not “preppers”. We don’t have an underground bunker or a pool turned into a pond. We DO have a stocked fridge, and pantry staples, but I couldn’t tell you that it’s anything like 6 months worth.

What I mean when I say that we practice survival for fun is that we practice camping in tents, by the lake. We make fires, and eat wild plants (although out of all of us, I’m the only one that could tell you about plants that are edible. And its only because I am very interested in gardening). My husband takes my 13 year old hunting on occasion and I have been as well. So when I say that we practice survival, I mean that we know the basics of how to survive outdoors for at least a few days, if we ever had to. You just never know.

So, onto why we are making paracord dog collars. Paracord is great for “cordage”. It can be used to get down steep hills, or up them. It can help you carry items on your back. It can become a hammock to keep you off the ground. It can help you make a shelter. So, having as much as you can is a good idea. If our dogs got stuck with us (say, after a tornado that oklahoma is famous for), we would be able to use the cordage for a variety of things, if we needed to.

Now, that you know why, here is how we (read: I) did it.

What You’ll Need:

  • Measurement of your dog’s neck. (I did this by wrapping a string around the neck as tightly as it should be, and putting that length of string next to a tape measure to find the amount of inches.)
  • 550 pound strength paracord (we get ours from our local army surplus store), read on for amount needed
  • Plastic or Metal buckle appropriate in size to your dog

We have two 50-lb pit bulls, so we wanted the collars to be decently wide. We chose the Double Cobra, or King Cobra, or Double King Cobra knot (it has a few names) for this, since it comes out wide, and also allows for quite a bit of paracord (about 40 feet, total, per collar). When I measured the dogs’ necks, I came up with 20 inches for both dogs. So this let me know I needed about 40 feet of paracord; 20 feet of each color.

To begin, you’ll need to take the ends of your two colors and burn them with a lighter, to stick them together. Just hold the lighter to the ends of both colors and then stick them together while they are still hot. They will stick together, and once they are cool, make a good bond. Once you have accomplished this, you will take the loop and put it through the end of the buckle. String the OTHER ends (the ones that have not been burned together) through the loop you just made with the burned ends. [Sorry I didn’t take a picture of this!]

Now, take those ends and loop them through the other end of the buckle. (Note: there are many ways to do this, but I prefer to keep my buckle clipped together and make my knots)

At this point, I put the “collar” around my dog’s neck and tightened it where I wanted it, then held it tight on the end where the cords are loose. The first knot is difficult, but this is how I do it! YouTube has LOTS of videos. (Maybe I should have made one? hehe) Below is a slideshow of what I did.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There you have it! It can be confusing.. and don’t get discouraged. I restarted the black and red collar 3 times!! And I had almost finished it ALL THREE TIMES! That one took me about 2 weeks to finish because I had to just stop for a few days. 🙂

If you have any paracord projects you’ve made, PLEASE share them with me! I would love to pin them, and/or try them, too! 🙂
Have Fun!

-Roxanne, LWMM