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3 Tips to Make Your Home Feel.. Extravagant

Use Body spray to refresh your fabrics, beds, curtains and more!

..Well, maybe not extravagant, but these tips will make your home feel more fancy, maybe.

If you’re like me and my family, you probably keep your house mostly cleaned up, but like most people that I know, including us, there’s always messy stuff somewhere. Clutter from the mail, or laundry in baskets, clean or not. Children’s toys strewn all over. I’m sure you can relate, at least a little.

Anyway, while taking stock of my home one day, I realized I hated the way it looked. I’m not super organized, but I do like things to look that way! 😉 So I was on Pinterest, and saw a great pin that has helped me (when I keep up!) in a big way, to keeping up with my house, without spending an entire weekend cleaning, after a week’s worth of mess. It has daily and nightly chores to do, plus one or two specific chores a day. I recommend it to anyone, and alter it to fit your lifestyle, of course.

1) Here is the Pin for keeping your house clean day-by-day.

So that was the first tip. The second tip is really easy. You’ll need cheap (or not, your choice) body spray. Body spray is SUPER easy to find and cheap. You can pick up a multi-pack of spray at the dollar store for a few bucks, most of the time! Anyway, I frequently get body spray for christmas and most of the time, I really don’t need it, or I get too much! ..Or one I don’t particularly enjoy wearing. So instead of re-gift it (Seinfield, anyone?), I spray it like febreeze! HA! My teenaged son isn’t always around, so when I change his sheets, I spray some body spray on the bed, while making it. It makes the room and the sheets smell great. I spray it on the mattress, then on top of the fitted sheet, on the pillows before I put them into the cases, and again on top of the flat sheet, before I top it with a bedspread. I love doing this for guest areas, too. You can use it on couches and chairs, carpets, curtains, whatever.

2) Use Body Spray to make a bed, carpet, curtains, or upholstered furniture smell lovely.

My third suggestion, is sort of tied into number two. I like my towels to smell nice, too. 🙂 So that when I step out of a nice hot shower (when I get one!), I get to wrap myself in a towel filled with wonderful scents. Like lavendar. Or jasmine. Now, you’re interested, right? It’s really easy. You can do this with your whole closet, or just one or two “special towels” specifically for those stress relieving baths and showers. Get some essential oil like Lavendar, Jasmine, Eucalyptus, Lemon-Grass.. or something that makes you feel ..comfy! Now get some cotton balls and drop a few drops of your oil onto it. If you have just a few towels, then place the cotton balls and the towels into a plastic bag and seal it. When you are ready to use them, you can take them out and use them. You’ll be wrapped in heaven. 🙂 When you’re done, put them back into the bags after a wash. If you want to do this to all of your towels, drop the oil onto a few cotton balls and place them into an open plastic bag (to keep them from touching any surfaces and staining) and hang the bag inside your linen closet. Everytime you open that door, you’ll be greeted with your scent and your towels will smell wonderful, too (not as strongly as if you seal a towel in a bag with the cotton ball).

3) Use essential oils to make your towels smell like heaven and / or use them to de-stress.

I hope you enjoy these three tips. I do! Do you have any other tips like these you like to use?

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