Look What Mommy Made

A creative, home-made, hand-made blog

About LWMM

I am a crafty person and have always made things to give away,

or find ways to decorate on a tight (or non-existant) budget.
Some things I have created, I have never actually seen anywhere else,
so I created this blog as a way to share those things in a DIY fashion.


I’m a step-mom and a mom at the age of 24 at the time of this writing.

I love my boys (including my husband!) and I am always trying to figure

out ways to enjoy our family time together since its so limited. So I am

always open to new ideas!
I hope you enjoy, and if you ever have an idea, or want to be a guest poster,
just email me! roxanne.roark @ yahoo.com


What Would You Like to Share?

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