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“Easiest Corndogs Ever”

Easiest Corndogs - not my image!So, a lazy day I was searching on Pinterest and happened across a pin that I thought would be A-w-e-s-o-m-e. It was a pin for the “easiest corndogs ever”. Essentially, jiffy cornbread in a muffin tin with hot dogs cut into bite sizes, shoved in the middle, and baked.

When I looked at the source site for this pin, I was sad to see it was only an image, with no real recipe or blog attached to it. So I figured I would try it. It couldn’t be that hard. So I got to it:

My two boxes of jiffy, corresponding quantity of eggs, milk, hot dogs, and muffin paper cups.

I filled the tin with paper cups, preheated my oven at 400 and added my jiffy ingredients to a bowl. I whisked it up and filled my paper cups (12 muffin tin cups,about 3/4 full).

I cut three hot dogs into thirds, to fit in the middle of each muffin, then just pushed them into the middle of the raw mix.

I baked them for about 15 minutes (they were just starting to brown a little bit on the edges.)

Now, to my delight, they turned out looking pretty perfect. Not exactly like my pin, but close enough. I was super excited to try them. My husband, whom hates “Yankee cornbread” (the yellow, sweet kind.. Which to my knowledge is considered “southern”, and “Yankees” were the northern statespeople.. But I love my dear husband, so I try not to think about it too much. 😉 ), tried them first. He said there was too much “muffin”.

When I ate one, unfortunately, I agreed. I love jiffy, but for this particular experience, I was expecting something a little different. My husband suggested slicing the hot dogs up next time, although he was skeptical about eating them again (he’s oh-so-picky about food).

Once you actually get to the meat, the combination is really close to a corndog, and exactly what I had expected to taste, but there’s just SO much muffin!

I aim to try these again, and take hubby’s suggestion. They definitely need more hot dog. 🙂

If you try these, let me know! Or if you have any suggestions, I’m always looking for kid/teen friendly, car-friendly or crock pot-able, easy meals for our trips to Oklahoma City twice a month or so!

-Roxanne, LWMM


How to Get Old Candle Wax Out Of Jars

So we’ve all had this problem. You burn a candle until the wick is gone, and are then left with a pretty jar with a half inch of wax in the bottom. You cant relight it anymore, and the jar is pretty much useless now, unless you get the wax out. 🙂

Back when I was more of a candle fanatic, I ran into this all the time. If you’re anything like I was, you probably just set another candle inside the jar, on top of the old wax. I did it for years, until my dad told me I could get the wax out. I was all ears.

Im going to share a few ways to do this, and you can use any way! They all work!

Way Number 1: How to Remove Candle Wax From a Jar

  1. Set your oven to 200 degrees.
  2. While the oven heats up, line a shallow dish with aluminum foil, making sure to cover the bottom and sides. (you can also use a glass dish sprayed with non-stick cooking spray).
  3. Turn your jars or other oven proof candle container upside down, on the foil, or glass dish.
  4. Place the dish with the jars in the oven for 10-15 minutes, or just long enough that all the wax melts, and covers the bottom of the dish.
  5. Remove the dish CAREFULLY (so you dont spill wax everywhere!) and allow everything to cool for an hour or so.
  6. Remove jars from hardened wax, and break up your wax for other projects!

I’ve found that getting wax out of my jars this way leaves a filmy residue on the inside of the jars, so wiping the inside with a paper towel might be necessary.

Way Number 2: Getting Candle Wax Out of Jars

  1. Bring a small pot of water to boil (or use a kettle, which makes pouring easier).
  2. Lay out a paper towel or old newspaper, and put your jars on top.
  3. After the water is boiling, fill each container with the hot water (leaving space on top. Don’t fill all the way up!)
  4. Wait overnight (or a few hours) and when you come back, the cooled wax will have floated to the top of your jars, easily removable!
  5. Pour out the water and voila! All done!

Way Number 3: How To Remove Old Candle Wax From Jars

  1. Remove any wicks or metal disks (that used to hold the wick)
  2. Place your jar in the microwave for 1 minute (maybe less or more, depending on your microwave). [WARNING! DO NOT MICROWAVE METAL CONTAINERS!]
  3. When the wax has melted, use an oven mitt to remove the jar and pour the wax into your desired container.

So there you have it; Three ways you can remove old wax from your candle jars to reuse the wax.. Or the jars.. Or both! Of course, being me, you know I’ll be doing both, so stay tuned for when I show you what I did with the old wax!


3 Tips to Make Your Home Feel.. Extravagant

Use Body spray to refresh your fabrics, beds, curtains and more!

..Well, maybe not extravagant, but these tips will make your home feel more fancy, maybe.

If you’re like me and my family, you probably keep your house mostly cleaned up, but like most people that I know, including us, there’s always messy stuff somewhere. Clutter from the mail, or laundry in baskets, clean or not. Children’s toys strewn all over. I’m sure you can relate, at least a little.

Anyway, while taking stock of my home one day, I realized I hated the way it looked. I’m not super organized, but I do like things to look that way! 😉 So I was on Pinterest, and saw a great pin that has helped me (when I keep up!) in a big way, to keeping up with my house, without spending an entire weekend cleaning, after a week’s worth of mess. It has daily and nightly chores to do, plus one or two specific chores a day. I recommend it to anyone, and alter it to fit your lifestyle, of course.

1) Here is the Pin for keeping your house clean day-by-day.

So that was the first tip. The second tip is really easy. You’ll need cheap (or not, your choice) body spray. Body spray is SUPER easy to find and cheap. You can pick up a multi-pack of spray at the dollar store for a few bucks, most of the time! Anyway, I frequently get body spray for christmas and most of the time, I really don’t need it, or I get too much! ..Or one I don’t particularly enjoy wearing. So instead of re-gift it (Seinfield, anyone?), I spray it like febreeze! HA! My teenaged son isn’t always around, so when I change his sheets, I spray some body spray on the bed, while making it. It makes the room and the sheets smell great. I spray it on the mattress, then on top of the fitted sheet, on the pillows before I put them into the cases, and again on top of the flat sheet, before I top it with a bedspread. I love doing this for guest areas, too. You can use it on couches and chairs, carpets, curtains, whatever.

2) Use Body Spray to make a bed, carpet, curtains, or upholstered furniture smell lovely.

My third suggestion, is sort of tied into number two. I like my towels to smell nice, too. 🙂 So that when I step out of a nice hot shower (when I get one!), I get to wrap myself in a towel filled with wonderful scents. Like lavendar. Or jasmine. Now, you’re interested, right? It’s really easy. You can do this with your whole closet, or just one or two “special towels” specifically for those stress relieving baths and showers. Get some essential oil like Lavendar, Jasmine, Eucalyptus, Lemon-Grass.. or something that makes you feel ..comfy! Now get some cotton balls and drop a few drops of your oil onto it. If you have just a few towels, then place the cotton balls and the towels into a plastic bag and seal it. When you are ready to use them, you can take them out and use them. You’ll be wrapped in heaven. 🙂 When you’re done, put them back into the bags after a wash. If you want to do this to all of your towels, drop the oil onto a few cotton balls and place them into an open plastic bag (to keep them from touching any surfaces and staining) and hang the bag inside your linen closet. Everytime you open that door, you’ll be greeted with your scent and your towels will smell wonderful, too (not as strongly as if you seal a towel in a bag with the cotton ball).

3) Use essential oils to make your towels smell like heaven and / or use them to de-stress.

I hope you enjoy these three tips. I do! Do you have any other tips like these you like to use?

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Recipes Using Nutella

Okay, I won’t lie. I only just recently discovered the magical taste of the hazelnut spread known as “Nutella”. Shock! Gasp! Disbelief! I know. How dare I wait so long! Well, now I have ideas to share, friends! Recipes using Nutella! Oh, I’m sure there are plenty out there, but these were a few my husband (another recent convert, via me) came up with as we sat and enjoyed the spread as a dessert. 🙂 Enjoy!

5 easy recipes that use Nutella

  1. No Cooking Required Nutella S’mores! – Want S’mores without the fire (or microwave)? Spread Nutella on one graham cracker square, and marshmallow cream on another. Squish together and Voila!
  2. Nutella Icing – just use Nutella on your cupcakes for a decadently rich treat 🙂
  3. Nutella Crepes – dish up some crepe pancakes and spoon a bit of Nutella down the middle. Roll them up, and serve!
  4. Okay, this one doesn’t use Nutella, but.. Homemade Nutella! – Check out this Pin on Pinterest for homemade Nutella!
  5. 4 Ingredient Nutella Brownies – These only use 4 ingredients!

(Did you know there was a World Nutella Day?)

And there you have it! 5 recipes that use Nutella! If you have any more ideas, or have tried any of these, let me know about it in the comments!

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