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Being Skinny Sucks

on July 4, 2012

Gasp! How would anyone think being skinny is a bad thing? As a culture, we’ve changed our minds about what beautiful is, and for a rather lengthy term now, it has been skinny. Skinny is “hot”. But let me tell you; coming from a girl that used to weigh 225 pounds standing at 5’8 1/2″, and losing weight to be at 158 pounds, I know. Skinny is not hot. It’s COLD!

Reason number 1 that I hate being “skinny”: I get cold on the drop of a dime. When I weighed 200lbs, I could withstand frigid temperatures outside, and in! Now, its like if you turn a fan on in 95 degree weather, I’m going to need a blanket. Geeze.

Reason 2: I’m not nearly as strong as I was.. Or thought I was. At my previous weight, I could pick up just about anyone or anything without too much effort, but now-a-days, 40lbs can almost be too much to lift! What the eff? Someone has said that my body was used to carrying around more weight, therefore I could too. I don’t know, but it’s annoying having to ask someone to help me lift stuff.

Reason 3: I’m not nearly as intimidating anymore. Apparently, when you’re as tall as I am, and you weigh 225lbs, people get the idea that they should watch how they act or what they say. They are afraid you might kick their butt. Not so much when you lose 60lbs.

Reason 4: I cant eat very much of my favorite foods at Thanksgiving (or Christmas, or birthdays and/or other holidays)! I literally have to get like a bites worth of each item in order to get any before I’m too full to eat it!

Reason 5: No boobs! Okay, that one was really girly for me to say, but as a woman, I am sort of defined by these things. At 200lbs, and a 42 DD, I felt awesome. Now a days, (before having a baby, I might add) I got down to a 36 C, and that’s just a rough emotional thing to deal with!

So, that’s my list. Those are reasons why I hate being “skinny”. Do you have a list?


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